Sunday, 7 September 2014

Awesome Cute Outfits Found on the Grid!!

I have acquired some great outfits to show you lately, although not necessarily free or cheap.

The following outfit, "Backstage Groupie" by Sarah91 Tremor of EDELFABRIK (SLurl), is terrific and comes with a TON of options via the hud.  It is 489 lindens but there is a 15% discount until Sunday, September 7th with the group tag active. Here is the official vendor pic, followed by a few of my own. Check it out!! Almost every part of this outfit is texture change via the one hud - the backpack, skirt, top, thong, bra and boots!  You can even remove the little tag on the back of the panties or remove the panties and/or bra completely! How cute is that???

PS: There are TEN mesh sizes for the skirt and top and you get the jewellery and the supersoaker also!

Another outstanding design I purchased recently is the Lapointe & Bastchild (SLurl) S'Wear Jeans "Flare". One pair is 349 lindens, but the fatpack is only 699L and it comes with 6 huds (blacks, dark blues, jade blues, light blues, mid blues and slates). Each of the huds has both "clean" and "faded" versions and SIX different pocket designs. Oh, and there is a "heels" and a "feet" version, These mesh jeans come in 7 different sizes.

I wore them in mid blue the other night at Pranksters :) And I know at least two other people told me they were gonna go buy them too!

Who knew I was such a fashion hound??  Certainly not that way in real life, but then again... on our avis, everything looks good!!  I hope you like these finds :)


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  2. Jeannie... WOW .. I love your overstuffed blog .. thank you !!! So Awesome .. wish I would learn to spell before I post something .. lol .

  3. jeannie you are still a fashion leader after ten years or more that i know of. i still have a few pics of us having fun on sl. love ya!