Sunday, 7 September 2014

Awesome Cute Outfits Found on the Grid!!

I have acquired some great outfits to show you lately, although not necessarily free or cheap.

The following outfit, "Backstage Groupie" by Sarah91 Tremor of EDELFABRIK (SLurl), is terrific and comes with a TON of options via the hud.  It is 489 lindens but there is a 15% discount until Sunday, September 7th with the group tag active. Here is the official vendor pic, followed by a few of my own. Check it out!! Almost every part of this outfit is texture change via the one hud - the backpack, skirt, top, thong, bra and boots!  You can even remove the little tag on the back of the panties or remove the panties and/or bra completely! How cute is that???

PS: There are TEN mesh sizes for the skirt and top and you get the jewellery and the supersoaker also!

Another outstanding design I purchased recently is the Lapointe & Bastchild (SLurl) S'Wear Jeans "Flare". One pair is 349 lindens, but the fatpack is only 699L and it comes with 6 huds (blacks, dark blues, jade blues, light blues, mid blues and slates). Each of the huds has both "clean" and "faded" versions and SIX different pocket designs. Oh, and there is a "heels" and a "feet" version, These mesh jeans come in 7 different sizes.

I wore them in mid blue the other night at Pranksters :) And I know at least two other people told me they were gonna go buy them too!

Who knew I was such a fashion hound??  Certainly not that way in real life, but then again... on our avis, everything looks good!!  I hope you like these finds :)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

IFFYTA... Great Value at a Great Price!

I am not sure how I discovered Iffyta on Marketplace (Link) but I think owner Tiff Aristocrat's designs are awesome!  Mostly casual wear, mostly (if not all) mesh, and ALL with texture changing huds!  And a TON of it is FREE!!!  In fact, everything you see on this page was free, except the tie-dye tank which was a whole 24 lindens, if I recall correctly.  And ALL with texture change huds and 5 sizes to choose from.

This is the Jhyias Neutrals Tank and Bella Skirt and I think the outfit is adorable! You get the tank top, the skirt, the heels and some of the accessories shown for FREE!!

Here are a couple of other shades from the included 8-colour hud:

There are long skirt outfits available too...  Check this one out.  By the way I found that if I wore the Large size tank top in this style, I didn't need an alpha at all:

Here is another boldly-coloured skirt outfit called "Stripes Galore":

Tiff does jeans and shorts too.....  Check these photos out.  By the way, I love me some tie-dye  :)

Jhyias Neutrals Skinny Jeans & TieDye Tank

Tillys Acid Washed Skinny Jeans with Tank from the Stripes Galore outfit.

These Samis Solids Booty mesh jean shorts are awesome!  You can wear just the shorts or add pockets and/or studs, if you like.  And again, 8 colours on the included hud.  Did I mention "FREE"????

Tiff does not have an in-world store, as far as I know, but she does have a Subscribe-O located at this ADULT sim:  Here

Thursday, 10 July 2014

LIVin' the GLAM life....

I've been away for a little while, having some fun in the sun at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival.  I had an amazing time!!

One of the first things I did when I got back to Second Life was to join the LIV GLAM group, finally. I had hesitated in the past due to the 500 L joining fee, but may I say, WOW!  Why did I wait so long?  The gifts given to this group are truly outstanding quality and OMG, so many!  The following is a photo of one section of the group gift room - I have no idea how many gifts there are but suffice it to say, I will be collecting them SLOWLY.... so as not to overwhelm my inventory.

I will show you a few of the outfits I have picked up so far, as an incentive for you to join also.

First up, "KatLego" which comes with a hud with 6 textures to choose from. Isn't it cute?

Next, "India Paisley", a long beachy type dress, also hudded with 6 textures:

"Latrice", which comes with 12 textures, is adorable and sexy!

This one is "Glad to be Unhappy" which is kind of an odd name for a cute dress. I wonder if there is a story behind the name? The hud for this one has 3 possible textures. I added some leggings from my inventory that I've had forever.... and Baby Monkey's Calypso boots for Slink high feet. The jewellery is mine. :)

I saved one of the cutest (so far) for last, the "Callaghan Sequin" dress which, to me, has an Asian feel and comes with 7 sparkly sequin texture options.

Finally, an LG outfit called "Strange Transmissions 2" that I purchased for 99 Ls because I absolutely fell in love with it in the promo ad I received. There was initially a delivery glitch with this one, but the customer service provided by Olyvia DeCuir and owner GraceHaddington Resident was outstanding!! There are 6 textures to choose from for this cutie-pie shorts set.

LivGlam (or [LG] or Liv Glam - they seem to use a variety of spellings and abbreviations) is located HERE. Go check it out, you won't regret it!!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

I'm in love with Tameless and Sharodie's!!

Okay, another post featuring Sharodie's creations - I just can't help it, she makes wonderful things for so cheap!  This time I'm adding hairs from Tameless...  these are either 1 L megapacks or 49 L megapacks of some really adorable hairstyles. What a deal!!

Sharodie's is located Here - Sharodie's  and Tameless Hair is Here - Tameless.

Gacha MESH bikinis!!!  15 lindens each (rares include a dress, but I didn't win one).  And some cutie-pie summer dresses - one is a group gift and the other is 15 lindens for TWO 2 dresses! Very nice!!

All jewellery shown is from my shop Here - Jeannie's Jewels, with the exception of the mesh armband which is 10 lindens at Ecco Here - Ecco.

Bikini "Roses" and Tameless "Moira"
Bikini "Summer Fun" with Tameless "Olivia"
Bikini "Tropics" with Tameless "Delilah"

Bikini "Blue Water" with Tameless Tatiana

"Happy Cow" Group Gift with Tameless "Moira"

"Roma Linen" - 2 textures for 15 Lindens. Shown with Tameless "Ronnie"
The 2nd texture for 15 lindens. Shown with Tameless "Angel"

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sharodie's is AWESOME!!

I don't know how many people know about Sharodie Nightfire and her philosophy on creating for Second Life, but let me tell you, she makes gorgeous clothing both in mesh and the standard prim type and sells it all very cheaply indeed. Her shop is located HERE and consists of several buildings - check them all out. Her prices run from $L5 to about $L29, depending on the outfit. Sharodie also has a Marketplace store witha lot of free and cheap items - (Sharodie's MP store). Here are some photos:

I bought this mesh Tube Dress today for $L15 - it is on a cart outside the shop.  For the first photo, I neglected to put on the extra skirt but as you can see, it still works and is very elegant.

For this second photo, I have added the wispy second skirt...  just lovely!

Then I went to my inventory to grab examples of other Shar designs...  This is the "Dark Day" gown, again lovely and feminine.

Now the Night Butterfly gown:

Lest you think Shar only does gowns, check out these casual outfits too:

Fire Fly in mesh

Peonies in Mesh

Finally, a casual system dress called Crazy Colors that I just love. In fact, I think I'll wear this tonight (Sunday, starts at 7 pm SLT) for Picking Party at The Merry Prankster sim (here is the SLURL if you'd like to check it out). I don't know if this dress is still available but it certainly is still CUTE!!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

FabFree Headquarters - New Stock!!

I finally wandered over to FabFree's headquarters on the Wash sim (SLurl) to check out the new additions. Boy, am I glad I did!!  There are some gorgeous items there, including shoes for Slink feet (and regular), tons of clothing both mesh and system, and even some decorative items. I believe the new policy is to change up the stock every month with the designers on rotation.

On to the photos!  This first one is the Evie skin from Lumae in 4 skin tones in mid cleavage only and includes the matching Loud Mouth appliers.  With it, I am wearing the ChiChickie "Catrin" hair which is also available for FREE with a 4-color Hud.  The necklace is part of the free gift from Phoebe's Piercings & more (it is mesh and comes with a matching ring, shown later).

This next photo shows you the fabulous TD Designs Ivory Fog gown.  Wow, it is GORGEOUS!!

For more casual wear, check out this offering from [ bubble ], the Star Fusion outfit of which only the skirt is mesh:

JK Style really outdid themselves with their gift, which is a denim mini skirt and bandana top in NINE colors each via Hud. 

As promised, here is a photo of the ring from Phoebe and another of 2 bracelets from D.D.M. Designs called "Things Remembered Moody Blues".  

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sugar Silverstar.... Milkshakes and turntables..... Collabor88

Every month I wait eagerly for  Collabor88 to open.  

A wonderful collection of top designers come together with a few new items each month sold at wonderful prices and designed around a theme.  May's theme is Milkshakes and turntables and everyone has come up with 1950s and 1960s clothes, shoes, jewellery, hair, furniture and houses.
Below is one look I made up from the wonderful selection available.

The dress is called Swing dress from Nylon Outfitters and is a great combination of system top and mesh skirt  cost $188
The Cardigan is also from Nylon Outfitters its called 1950s Cherry Cardigan and is $88
The shoes are Hucci for high Slink feet Pinup peep Nightcherry. $88.
The hair is also at Collabor88 It's fromTruth and is called Thelma $188